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Syracuse Corvette Club

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and be part of a very exciting and event filled club!
The SCC creates activities and events throughout the year such as bowling parties, halloween parties, Christmas parties, silent auctions, wine tours, cruises, road rallies, a couple of Corvette shows, picnics, & charity events.
Join and become part of a friendly, active and welcoming club!
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All of the SCC members make this club run like a well oiled machine!


NOTE: Where there is a name in ( ) contains a non-member spouse or partner.

Ager, Daniel & Connie
Agrasto, Edward
Alexander, Rogers
Allen, Sr.,  Dave (Grace)
Altenburg, Paul & Patti
Ames, John (Karen)
Arnold, Gretchen
Arnold, Wally (Peggy)
Artessa, Judy & Tony
Bandoblu, Jim & Dee
Barry, Richard (Susan)
Beebe, Jerry & Sue
Bernatovich, Jeff (Lynn)
Birchmeyer, Jack & Dianne 
Bodlay, Ken
Boull, David & Elaine
Breazzano, John
Brophy, Robert Tim
Burke, David & Anita
Burlingame, Mark
Busco, John & Rosemary
Calkins, Gary & Lora
Carter, Robert & Barbara
Caruso, Jr., George
Casey, Jon & Jean
Cheney, Thomas (Kathy)
Conner, Steven & Linda
Conway, Gene & Ann
Cooney, Tom & Donna
Costello, Dave (Marilyn)
Craft, Gary
Crandall, Joyce & Peter 
Craver, Bob & Patricia 
Crowell, Jim & Susan 
Daino, Peter
Damianopoulos, Dimitri
Darmento, Michael & Vanessa
Delaney, Bill (Jean)
Diaz, Danny
DiFlorio, Douglas
DiFlorio, Vince
DiFlorio, Chris
Eckert, Ron & Pat
Edmunds, Fred (Nancy)
Efraimson, Eric
Ennis, James & Patti
Ergort, Mike & Bobbi 
Ernenwein, Pete & Karen
Fahrenkrug, Carl Sr. & Rita
Felton, David & Kathleen
Frank, Barry & Sue
Fuller, James (Anna Marie)
Furtch, Ted (Cheryl)
Godlewski, Joe & Lori
Gondek, Don (Carole)
Grabowski, David
Graham, Jane (Richard)
Groskin, Marlene
Harrington, Mark (Karen)
Harrington, Alex
Hopper, Bill & Sue
Hurwitz, Larry & Daryl
Iltsch, Steven & Pamela


Janowski, Rick (Norma)
Jones, Kevin  (Tammy)
Kalfass, Al & Pat
Kelly, Ron
Kelso, Dick & Linda
Kline, John & Susan
Lewis, C V  (Karen)
Lucas, Barbara & Fred Jr.
Lynn, Billy
Moebs, Harry
Mosenthal, Randie
Muldoon, Tom
Naistadt, Ron
Naumann, Bruce & Janice
Neuser, Linda
Osmun, Marc & Pam
Patrician, Peter & Michele
Pellenz, Dave (Laurel)
Pouliot, John & Jullie
Powell, Robert (Cindy)
Pritchard, John
Quinn, Larry & Karen
Ramont, Michael & Jane
Reid, Ron & Patsy
Rice, Larry & Kapua
Rinefierd, Kathy & Rick
Rivette, Ric (Judith)
Rothenberg, Larry
Sattler, Sharon & Larry
Schrank, Douglas (Carol)
Schwalm, Dave
Seemann, Joseph
Shaw, Dolline
Silvaggio, Sally & Anthony
Siriano, Sandy & Zita
Smith, Jon & Barb
Snogles, Don (Linda Neuser)
Spillett, John
Steighler, Bill & Mary
Tenenbaum, Syd
Thomas, Jim & Christine 
Thomas, Marty
Toomey, Allen (Shirley)
Torio, Daniel
Tyler, Ron (Bonnie)
Visconti, Jerry
Vogler, Jack
Warner, Joan
Watson, Bruce
Wheeler, Ernie (Karen)
Wilbur, Jack & Mary


Syracuse Corvette Club, Inc., since 1968.
Celebrating and promoting the enthusiasm,
knowledge and love of the only real American made sports car.