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The following is a list of items owned by the SCC. Club members are welcome to use the items but please remember that you must return them immediately following an event so they are accounted for and ready for someone else to borrow for the next event.
The items are held in storage at Jon and Barb Smith's home at 81 Dutch Road
Central Square, NY.

You may submit your request for items below, the request is forwarded to Jon Smith and is subject to availability. Or you can contact Jon Smith directly for availability and to arrange pick up.

Complete Inventory List

  1. 4 (four) white boards with markers
  2. 2 (two) curb ramps
  3. 1 (one) metal cage/drum for raffle drawings
  4. 3 (three) 50/50 drawing carts
  5. 12 (twelve) approx. wooden stakes
  6. Steel signs with arrows for parking directions
  7. 60 (sixty) approx pylons
  8. 35 (thirty-five) steel stantions and bases
  9. 6 (six) 8' tables
  10. raffles containers and cans
  11. 5 (five) rolls of wiring for timing equipment
  12. 7 older Clip boards 
  13. 14 New as of 8/09
  14. Several Acrylic menu holders
  15. 1 (set) low speed race timing equipment- Presently out on loan with Fred Edmunds
  16. 2 (two) Club banners- 1 at Jon Smith's location, 1 with Cruisemaster Doug Diflorio. He also has the frame to display the banner ( made by Pete Ernenwein)
  17. 1 (one) old club sign
  18. Various sponsor and advertisers banners
  19. SCC awarded trophies and plaques
  20. Left over plaques and trophies
  21. Club window flags- For sale item
  22. Club license plate frames- For sale item
  23. 3 (three) File cabinets of club documents,newsletters and floppy disks of pictures
  24. 4 (four) 10' x 10' Pop up canopies


Members Name
Date needed for
Pick up date
Returning Date

If borrowing equipment, you and/or your event chairperson are responsible for the return of the items in a timely manner and conditon of the items.