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This page contains small pieces of information for Syracuse Corvette Club members. It is a quick way to reach the members with small articles and information pertaining to Club business and events.

  ~  Our Calling Tree Committee  ~  
  • Susan Crowell
  • Elaine & Dave Boull
  • Dee Bandoblu
  • Pam Iltsch
  • Pat Eckert
  • Julie Pouliot

The calling tree serves a very important job for the Club. This is used to contact the members when a short time frame is present, ie: a cruise, a gathering, a reminder of an important function or any emergency.

If you would prefer your calling tree person to contact you for non emergency or urgent information through an email, please notify them. Otherwise you will receive phone calls.

Your Calling Tree Person is designated on the SCC ROSTER list. There is a number next to your name that corresponds with the calling tree committee names at the end of the list.

Please consider chairing an event for the Club this year!  We need new ideas and new blood to step forward and help!  You all enjoy the activities of the club, it shows with your attendance!  But we will burn out the "do-ers" fast if we don't have some new members come forward.  Are you NEW to the Club?  Volunteer, it is the fastest way to meet the membership!  A "vet" will help you!  We won't leave you hanging!  Do you know how to set up a Road Rally?  How about a Halloween Party?  Silent auctions are a great way to raise money for the club and a lot of fun!
You may obtain a copy of the Club's Official Minutes on line. Simply request a copy to be emailed to you from Barb Smith at

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