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Septemberfest 2001
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Septemberfest 2002
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The Smith's Septemberfest!


September 11th will be a day we never forget. Syracuse Corvette Club members are proud of the money they were able to raise at this picnic to aid the Red Cross.

September 15th proved to be another great event hosted by
Syracuse Corvette Club members,
Jon and Barb Smith

jon & barb

great food

The party attended by approximately 80 club members!
The food was outstanding, and plenty of it,
if you went away hungry, it was your problem.


The round table!

The conversations were lively and interesting!
The guys did alot of "bonding!"



Our Hostess, Barb was always doing SOMETHING!!!!
Is that coffee we smell? ummmmmm...

Proud to be an American!

President Jeff Bernatovich took up the microphone and asked everyone to give generously as Susan Crowell passed amongst the guests for contributions for the American Red Cross. The members reached in to their pockets and a total of $205.00 was raised. The money then was contributed through HSBC Bank, which agreed to match any contributions!
Bringing a total of $410.00 proudly donated by the SYRACUSE CORVETTE CLUB!

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