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General INFO for VAB!

General INFO for VAB!
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So many little details go in to creating a show of this magnitude!

*Raffles, 50/50's and Merchandise  
Please try not to leave early as we have MANY trophies to award this year and want to be sure that you receive yours if you were choosen!

* Arrive early with your Club so you can park together, we are expecting a large turn out this year and can not save places.
Registration begins at 9:00 but grounds are open at 8:00.

* Only Vettes at the Beach "FOR SALE" signs will be allowed on the grounds. You will be asked to remove personal For Sale signs. See any Staff member for the VAB sign for a very nominal fee.

Bring your chairs, sun umbrella and favorite beverage. Plenty of great restaurants in the area to take away the hunger pains!

For the waxers...bring all that great stuff to shine up your baby!

If your a member of a Corvette Club, bring your banner and flyers of your upcoming events. Please feel free to bring a copy of the flyer up to the grandstand to have our D.J. announce it!

Please be courteous and place your canopy BEHIND your car, NOT between. We need the space for cars as we continue to GROW!

Our 50/50 Raffles are HUGE!!!!!

Vettes at the Beach...the Flagship Show of the NorthEast!

Vettes at the Beach...the Flagship Corvette show of the Northeast!