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Syracuse Corvette Club/68-03
Holiday Wine Tour
Glass With Class Evening
Official Photo

 The Keuka Lake
Holiday Wine Tour!


The weather was great and so went the whole day.  We had twenty-eight people start out with us. We all met and grouped together in daily drivers, ending up with eight cars.   Everyone got their packet of inf., cookies and commemorative wine bottle.  


We had the Crowells, Hughs, Suttons, Givens, Patricians, Ocasio, Tricomes, Fiumaras, Smiths, Dennis and Noryne, Smiths, Edmunds, Hoppers and Bruce and friend


Stopped for a quick potty break and on we went.  Jons directions had a little quirk in them, but we made it.    The weather was nice enough for our corvettes but the parking lots were very crowded. (Fred and Nancy Edmunds brought theirs and enjoyed the great ride)


The girl at the winery panicked seeing us all arrive.   

We each received our Grapevine wreath and 8 ornaments, one from each winery and our Xmas wineglass.We tasted several wines and sampled tons of foods.  We got some great recipes.We bought cases and bottles.  We bought earrings and pins and Christmas ornaments, chocolate syrup and pepper jelly.  We bought Christmas gifts and gifts for ourselves.   We bought chocolate body paint...  WE DID??? 


It was a little fast paced, but we had eight wineries to see and each had a long line for tasting, food sampling and check out.  There were hundreds of people there and some of the wineries are quite small.

Eight stops make you have to rush through them all.   Sorry if anyone was inconvenienced.


We all got to know each other better.  We met new friends. We laughed and told stories. Sometime our words were a little slurred.

We had a few couples who were along; who now want a Corvette cause we're so much fun to be with they want to belong too.   Imagine that! ! ! ! !


We had reservations at a great restaurant in Geneva.  Reservations for 28 were very much a must. The service and food was great. From there we headed home from a long fun day.


I want to thank everyone for attending.  I had a great time and I hope you all did too.   Next year we have all kinds of new ideas for these events. 

Stay tuned.   


 For those of you who tried to get a ticket last minute. Sorry we warned you they sell out fast.  Next year heed our warnings...


You missed a really great day!!!


Please enjoy our photos!
You will wish you could have been there.













Fun was OFF the Charts!




Way too much fun!

The Club enjoys a great day together!


A very BIG Thanks goes out to Barb and Jon Smith!
You did a wonderful job on the tour!
From the cookies and welcome packets to the commemorative wine bottles! Super super job!!!!