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The Club's bi-monthly meeting was held at Borios Restaurant on February 21st and the vote was taken. All issues were passed.

President Art Petrozzi would like to THANK everyone who took the time to come out and cast their votes for these proposals. Each member there was an important element in a successful club!



3. TREASURER: Shall take the responsibility for the collection and dispersal of all finances and keep a written record of all such transactions, give a report at each meeting of SCC financial standing to date. Expenditures shall be governed by a budget which shall allocate expenditures by category. The budget shall be submitted by the current Treasurer by the first meeting in January and also submit a copy of the report to the Historian. Any expenditure not covered under the budget shall be voted on by the membership.

4. SECRETARY: Shall record the minutes of all meetings and give the Editor and the Historian the minutes of all business meetings.

VII. EVENT CHAIRPERSON/CO-CHAIRPERSON and/or new member shall carry out all duty requirements of NCCC and be responsible for arrangements and proper execution of the event. The chairperson must present the results to the NCCC Governor, Vice president and Editor and assure that obligations to NCCC are met where applicable before credit for the function may be received. All obligations must be met by an Event Chairperson within fifteen (15) days of the event in order to receive points.
(A sentence in the original proposal was omitted here because of the web browser not supporting "strike through" effect. The sentence conflicted with # 8 below. So it was struck from the original proposal. To see the original, please download the proposal from the link above)

1. All Sanctioned events will follow the rules and/or regulations covered in the current issue of the National Council of Corvette Clubs Sanctioned Competition Program Manual.

2. The event chairperson/co-chairperson shall carry out all duties required by the NCCC and/or the SCC. He/she will be responsible for the arrangements and proper execution of the event.

3. The SCC, if required, will advance a set amount of money to the chairperson to start an event. This set amount will be regulated by the club treasurers budget.

4. Any event which involves $350.00 or more requires both a chairperson and co-chairperson.

5. The chairperson or his/her representative must report all financial transactions, with receipts, monthly, to the SCC Treasurer until the conclusion of the event.

6. The chairperson or his/her representative must submit a monthly report/minutes of any event committee meetings.

7. The event chairperson/co-chairperson must present the results of the event to the SCC Vice President, Newsletter Editor, Governor (sanctioned event), and to the general membership by the next club meeting following the conclusion of the event.

8. If all or part of the proceeds of the event will result in a donation to a charity or charities, the event committee will select them and the division of the Net proceeds. The list of charities and the amounts given to each charity should be reported to the general membership by the next club meeting following the conclusion of the event.

Syracuse Corvette Club supports the only true American Sports car activities!