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Syracuse Corvette Club, Inc.
2001 Annual Club Picnic


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2001 Annual Club Picnic
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Oswego NY's Breitbeck Park.
Site of the 2001
Syracuse Corvette Club Picnic


The weather was great, the food was outstanding and the conversations were lively! The bees were buzzing (as Jim Shope can testify to) and the birds were singing! The water was calm and the Corvettes were there! That is what having a picnic is all about!

Again, we lucked out on the perfect weather to hold our annual Club Picnic. If you were not able to attend, please try to set aside the date ( to be announced soon) to come and get to know your other car enthusiasts! There is no charge to members and their families. It is truly a very relaxing and social time! No hassles, pressures and absolutely gorgeous cars to look over, admire and drive home!!

Lake Ontario

The Chefs

" do you want your steaks?"

SCC Members

"and why can't we play on the playground??"


"...and please God, let me get to drive
the Corvette home!"

cheap table

Ah Ha! The infamous CHEAP table!

The Big Fish!

Yea, right Ron, you say the fish was how big???

So, you've looked over our Club picnic and I know you can see that we had alot of fun. Next year we want to see you at it!!!!



jim shope

Did anyone ACTUALLY see this bee???


Could this be the C5Table?

The Smiths

"Jon, Ed actually thinks Sandy
is going to let him drive
the Corvette home!"

Caught us!

"When are they doing the desserts?"

Prez Art

"Yes....I am going to be the next president
of these United...Opps, sorry..I mean.. of the SCC"

Syracuse Corvette Club promoting the relaxation
associated with the only American made sports car!