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Syracuse Corvette Club
2003 Corvette Model Contest & DINNER!


By Chairperson Barb Smith


     For all those who attended. Whether you just joined us for dinner and entertainment or you were one of the wonderful ones who took time and patience to build one of the 10 great models we had entered

I THANK YOU     41 people were in attendance..

Jon Smith displayed winners from previous years!

Since Jon Smith has so much time on his hands with his retirement he was not allowed to enter the event..  He did bring past models for display.   One was an International Diesel Car hauler with a red 54 with a 409 motor.  It had working lights and alarm system... See what I mean...  He had a couple others also...


Barb and Jon Smith enjoy the evening with good friends!



The stage is set!

Dave & Elaine Boull admire the models!

There were paper corvette centerpieces filled with chocolate   Trophies were given out to all.. First being a regular trophy, second a picnic basket with a Corvette in the grass on top and third being a "Spring" flower shaped picture frame with the SCC logo in the glass...

   Thanks to Mike Smith and JB from Starz for judging the event.



First Class:  Factory Original

We had three entrants:  Michelle Patrician, who totally blew her kids mind that she actually built a model!

She made a white 1953.   Paul Altenburg also made a white 1953 but displayed it in one of his beautiful handmade oak and glass display cases  (See Paul to place your orders..  he can make them in any size.)    Joe Tricome our third entrant, built a red 1963 Race Car, even had the race numbers on it.  Joe took first place..  

Cookie's winner was
not available for a
close up photo op!

Third Class:  All Corvettes are Red

This was a class that if you didn't want to deal with all the mumble jumble of the other classes all you had to do was be red!    Well our entrant for this class was Peter Patrician.  He wasnt just red he went all out and did a really great job on his 1968 candy apple red Corvette.   Even had two tops...   Very well done...

Could have won in any class..

Sally & Jerry Boak take home the trophy!

Fifth Class: Diorama

Here we had three entrants and I will try to give the best description of each I can..


First we had Elaine and Dave Boull, who not only did a great boxed Vettes at the Beach...  signs, grass, sand   but put together four, yes, I said four 1/64th scale models for their display...A 53 white, 63 blue, 97 black & 98 red...You out did yourselves Dave and Elaine...


Our next entrant was Fred Edmunds... okay use your imagination here and picture a Sunday at ESTA drag strip and on the line a 1964 red Corvette burning his tires with a huge cloud of white smoke...okay that was Fred's display...even including the cotton white cloud of smoke!!

Fred walked away with the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD!


How to find the words to describe Jim Crowell's entry...The stage was made of aluminum diamond plate in a step design and on display was a 2002 Silver Trans Am Series Corvette Racer.  In the background was a miniature newspaper with a picture of the car and all kinds of articles about that night's event!   Needless to say he took FIRST PLACE and also my Chairman's Choice Trophy.

Joe Tricome's 1st Place-Factory Original

Second Class:  Wild and Crazy

Who do you think of when you say those words.   yep.    COOKIE!   He made a 1955 red corvette but....

It looked like a scene from the motorama...   glass under the car... car all decked out... matching matchbox look- alikes surrounding the display...    GOOD JOB COOKIE!

Fourth Class:  Diecast

This was the class for the last minute entrant or people who had way too many problems with the car they were building to fix it or not enough time to start over.  We had Jerry Boak with a Red 1957 and John DeBottis with a black 1957...Red won out!

John DeBottis' black beauty!

Boull's VAB Display!!!

Fred Edmunds wins at ESTA!

Jim Crowell's winner! Whew..that was alot of parts!






The food was great and the "35th SCC Anniversary"

 cake ended a great evening!

Syracuse Corvette Club, Inc. 1968-2003
Celebrating 35 years of promoting Corvette Enthusiasm!

Photo's submitted by Michael Edmunds