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Syracuse Corvette Club/68-03
Adirondack Speedway Low Speed Racing


Members of the Syracuse Corvette Club attend low speed racing event in mountains!

The Adirondack Speedway in conjunction with the Southern Tier Corvette Club and Destiny Corvette Club hosted a sanctioned low speed event on September 22,2002.
Members from Syracuse Corvette club in attendance were
President Art Petrozzi
Jeff Bernatovich
Tim Keller


SCC Member Tim Keller


President Art Petrozzi


The SCC has winners from The First Annual Adirondack Speedway Challenge:
  • Tim Keller was in class 1E and took 1st Place in all 5 events.
    It was his 1st. time racing his Corvette in a low speed auto cross.
  • Jeff Bernatovich was in class 2G and took 1st Place in all 5 events.
  • Art Petrozzi was in class 1D and took 2nd Place in the single event he raced in.

Class 1 is an all stock car.
Class 2 is a car that has some modifications done to it.

The sun was out most of the day warm with a nice breeze.
A lot of hard work/workout and fun!
Congratulations to all 3 men for a great job done!
Contributed by Art Petrozzi