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Syracuse Corvette Club/68-03
"How do they do that?"

Members of the Syracuse Corvette Club tour the Post Standard Building!!
Taylor explains the daily running of the Post Standard
The Club hosted an evening in downtown Syracuse touring the building where the only daily newspaper for Syracuse and surrounding counties is produced and distributed each and every day of the week, 52 weeks a year!
The Corvettes gathered at Hofmann's Hot Haus and caravaned down to the building where they received VIP parking. They were greeted by the Human Relations Director Taylor and given a private tour through the building.
They are able to see the "newsroom" first hand where the reporters compile their stories and decisions are made as to what makes the front page each day.

SCC Members Fred Edmunds, Karen & Pete Ernenwein, Sandy Siriano view the Newsroom


Post Standard -- your link to your community
 and the world.
The tour then continued on to the Plate Room where they could see how the printing plates were made...all with else? The tour wound down to the observation deck of the new printing press purchased in Bern, Switzerland. The new press, related production equipment and the new press hall represent an investment of about $40 million. ( that would buy a few Corvettes, huh?)  The Post Standard dates back to 1829 and this investment in Syracuse reflects their commitment to CNY to continue your daily paper that keeps you informed on world and local news.
The 25 SCC members exhibited extreme interest in the tour and had many questions about the daily operations and the new printing press, continuing to show that there is more than just racing in this world for Corvette owners, expanding and sharing our knowledge with each other and the community is what makes the Syracuse Corvette Club so great! Our many diviersified events this year show the ever changing progress of the club.


The New Printing Press! Many stories high!

The tour came to an end as all good things must but the fellowship continued as the group gathered at the Ground Round on 7th North Street in Liverpool ! The food was great! Several of the members remarked that it had been a while since they patronized the restaurant and had forgotten how GREAT the food was!  The evening finally ended and everyone agreed that it was a great night and thoughly enjoyed!
 Thanks to all that attended !!!

Very Interesting!.....


The Syracuse Corvette Club supporting education!