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Syracuse Corvette Club/68-03
"Picture This" Scavenger Hunt!

The SCC Savenger Hunt was a lot of FUN!
The group met the evening before at Hofman's Hot Haus for some hot dogs, shopping (some members , we won't mention names Fred, bought some of their items on the list!)  and were given a list of items to put together before arriving at the SCC Picnic. The list had pictures of the items along with a list . You needed to fill your list with the items of suggestion. The more inventive, creative and diverse in finding the suggested items the better it was and you stood to earn a TROPHY ( Ron, a trophy!)
Winners were
WORST: Sally & Jerry Boak...they just cut the pictures out of the sheet of paper that Nancy Sciartelli and Barb Smith used in organizing this event. Sally was sure that this was trick scavenger hunt and that the obvious was right there in front of her! Nice Try Sally.....but hey, it got you a trophy!!!
ORIGINAL: Jim & susan Crowell- eyeglasses : glasses with eyes ( see picture below)  and a custom printed Valentine's Day card to Barb and Nancy. ( actually it was a suck up card! )
CREATIVE: Julie Edmunds- For her ants, living ants  sealed up in scotch tape. And her rolling pin: she took a button pin you pin on to your clothing and put it in an envelope and drew a picture on the out side of the envelope on how you turn the pin on its skinny side and roll it, it becomes a "rolling pin"! Very Clever Julie!
Everyone had a good time and a great many laughs were shared! Thank you Barb and Nancy!


Syracuse Corvette Club, the original Central NY Corvette Club, est. 1968