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Syracuse Corvette Club/68-03
Lunch & Laps at Watkins!

LAP & LUNCH REPORT August 18, 2002


By Lyn Bernatovich


The prospect of great weather brought out 12 cars ready for a day of cruising around Watkins Glen Raceway.  From our starting point on the Thruway, Jeff gave every car cruise directions and a map of the track and then we left promptly at 9 a.m.


Jeff took us on a scenic cruise through Waterloo along the east side of Seneca Lake.  A few landmarks worth noting on our cruise are the former Army barracks in Romulus now being recycled into rental housing.  What a turn around after several years of seeing a vacated, run down facility!  Next, driving over a hill out of Lodi, we got a spectacular view of Seneca Lake and the surrounding hillside.  Dotting the roadside were several wineries to visit on our way home.  As we began our approach into Watkins Glen, Hector Falls was on our left, a natural waterfall over a steep rocky hillside.


After a quick courtesy stop at Burger King in town, we headed up the hill to the track.  We were led in by a track official where he had us wait at a gated area leading onto Turn 2 while a Porsche driving school finished their track session.  Many of us headed for the stands to get a better view of the track and to watch the numerous Porches whiz by.  Meanwhile, the Generations and Destiny Corvette Clubs arrived and what a site to see roughly 30 cars lined up with an incredible scenic panorama of rolling hills in the background.  What a photo opportunity and lots of people were busy taking pictures.


Finally, it was time to go out on the track led by our official Impala Pace Car.  Jeff and I were second in line.  I had the distinct pleasure of being shown the line around the entire track and even the curve where Jeff had lost it a few times.  This was very exciting for me, but theres so much to remember and to think its complicated further by racing with other cars!  No thanks! 


We took about six laps as a group, which was enough to get some good distance in between each other to pick up decent speed on the back straight away.  On lap 6, our pace car stopped us on the front straight away for pictures.  He then took us to The Pyramid, a souvenir shop where we couldn't resist buying mementos of our day.


Lunch was at The Glen Club.  Air conditioning and ice water were very much appreciated as the heat of the day was rising rapidly toward 90 degrees.  This facility had an optimal view of Turns 1 and 2 and we enjoyed eating our light buffet lunch and taking in the terrific view of the track.  Apparently, The Glen Club is not open to the public and is often reserved for large private groups during race weekends, just in case you try to walk in the next time you're at an event.


Without a doubt, the weather was custom ordered, the fun and social factor was off the chart, and there was plenty of day left to do some wineries on our way home.


The members of the Syracuse Corvette Club that attended Laps and Lunch at Watkins Glen wish to THANK Lyn and Jeff Bernatovich for all their work and effort they put into organizing this very enjoyable and exciting event within the SCC. Co-ordinating times and meeting places. Arranging for a discount for members of the SCC, and following up on any details left un-attended. Also the fantastic scenic ride down.  The day was truly enjoyable and quite a rush for many!