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Syracuse Corvette Club Constitution
      ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ 

(As Amended effective January 2012)


  The name of this organization shall be the Syracuse Corvette Club, Inc.


  As Corvette owners, we band together in a social organization for the purpose of gaining information, exchanging ideas, and for the mutual enjoyment of the Corvette sports car.


  A quorum, consisting of one-tenth of the membership, must be present to  conduct any business at a meeting. Amended 9/11


  The meetings shall be held at a place designated by a majority vote on the following days of the month. Amended 9/10


Day(s) of Meeting


1st Thursday of the month


1st Thursday of the month


1st Thursday of the month


1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month


1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month


1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month


1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month


1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month


1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month


1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month


1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month


No meeting


  1. Nominations for officers shall take place at the first meeting in October.
  2. Officers shall be elected at the meeting following the nomination meeting.
  3. A member can hold only one office.
  4. Election of officers shall commence with the office of the President, continuing with offices of Vice President, Treasurer, Governor, Secretary, Webmaster and Cruise Master. When an individual is elected to an office, their name shall be struck from any subsequent offices on the ballot. If necessary, nominations will be accepted to fill the ballot for any offices that had all nominations struck. Amended 9/09


  The elected officers and their respective duties shall be as follows:

  1. PRESIDENT: Shall take charge of meetings, interpret the Constitution, represent the club at civic affairs, mail membership cards in January of each year and maintain and activate calling tree. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume those duties. In the absence of the Vice President and President, the Presidential duties shall be assumed by the Treasurer and each subsequent office thereof in the Treasurer’s absence. Amended 9/09
  2. VICE PRESIDENT: Shall act as Competition director, act as the final governing body to all competition disputes, maintain a current record of SCC competition and social points, work closely with the President in keeping interest and enthusiasm at a high level, maintain inventory (including making available for sale unsold Vettes at the Beach merchandise) and order all Club merchandise, and mail Corporate sponsorship letters in January of each year. Amended 9/09
  3. TREASURER: Shall take the responsibility for the collection and disbursal of all finances and keep a written record of all such transactions; as well as the filing of federal Form 990EZ or the equivalent form (income tax return for a not-for-profit entity) with the Internal Revenue Service. The treasurer shall also prepare a report of financial activity from the previous month, which shall be read at the first Syracuse Corvette Club meeting of each month. Written copies of the financial report will be submitted to all Officers and the Historian. Expenditures shall be governed by a budget which shall allocate expenditures by category. The budget shall be submitted by the current Treasurer by the February meeting. Any expenditure in excess of $200.00 not covered under the budget shall be voted on by the membership. Amended 9/11
  4. SECRETARY: Shall record the minutes of all meetings and distribute those minutes to the elected and appointed officers. Amended 9/09
  5. GOVERNOR: Shall receive new member applications, and issue welcome packets to new members. Amended 9/09
  6. WEBMASTER: Shall maintain the Syracuse Corvette Club's official internet website. Will add and remove information about the Club or Club functions in a timely manner. Amended 2/00
  7. CRUISE MASTER: Shall keep Club abreast of all regional and local car shows and activities, and facilitate Club cruises. Amended 9/09

The elected officers shall comprise the Board of Directors.

The elected and appointed officers attend the Board of Directors meetings.

Each elected office is for a two-year term. Amended 9/11

In the event that an officer decides not to serve the second year of his or her term, s/he shall notify the Board of Directors prior to the next nomination meeting (the first meeting in October) so that nominations can take place for that office. Amended 9/11

In the event of a vacated position or resignation of an officer (that being a resignation other than at the end of the first year of office as enumerated in the preceeding paragraph), the Board of Directors is empowered to hold a special election to fill the vacated office as soon as possible. Amended 9/11

Any officer may run again at the end of his or her two-year term. Amended 9/11


  1. A majority vote shall be required to elect any officer.
  2. The Board of Directors shall appoint an Election Committee, who shall have the responsibility of opening and counting the absentee ballots on the night of the election, and who shall also count the regular votes. Amended 9/09
  3. Members who have paid their dues for that year may vote via presence at the election meeting (the second meeting in October) or via absentee ballot, which must be downloaded from the Syracuse Corvette Club website. (In the event that a member does not have access to a computer, an absentee ballot may be obtained from an elected or appointed officer.) Amended 9/10

Such absentee ballots must be signed, dated, placed in an envelope (labeled as an Absentee Ballot), sealed and mailed to the Syracuse Corvette Club post office box, c/o Election Committee, at the Taft Road Post Office, with a postmark no later than seven (7) days prior to the election. No member running for an office may submit an absentee ballot. The President will pick up absentee ballots from the Post Office box, up until the night of the election, and deliver them to the election night meeting, which shall take place the 2nd meeting in October. In the event that the President is unable to pick up and deliver the absentee ballots, the Vice President shall assume this responsibility. Any absentee ballots that do not meet the afore-mentioned criteria will not be eligible. Amended 9/09

4. Any disputes arising as to the validity of the absentee ballots will be determined by the Election Committee. Their decision is final. Amended 9/09

5. In the event of a tie a re-vote will take place at the next meeting, and the absentee ballots will stay in place. Amended 9/09

VIII. APPOINTED OFFICER - HISTORIAN: The office of Historian shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and that individual will serve in that position until such time as that individual no longer wishes to serve in that respective capacity. The Historian shall keep records of all old minutes, news clippings, announcements, photographs, etc., pertaining to Club activities. Amended 9/09


  1. Any Corvette owner and Corvette owners' spouse/companion holding a valid senior operator license in the state or province in which he or she resides is eligible for membership in the SYRACUSE CORVETTE CLUB, INC. Ownership of a Corvette is required only at the time of initiation into the Club. Should the person subsequently dispose of said Corvette, he/she has ninety (90) days to repurchase one or the Board may recommend his/her continued membership, contingent upon continued activity in the club. Amended 9/11
  2. A new member shall be given voting privileges at the time their dues are paid.
  3. Any person who has commended himself to the Club may be elected to the Club as an HONORARY member for one year by a simple majority vote of the members present at any meeting. HONORARY members are entitled to all club privileges except they shall not have the right to vote or hold office.
  4. Members are eligible to hold office, have voting privileges, receive all meeting and event notices, and may display the club emblem. There can be an absentee ballot used by any member.
  5. All new members (of one year or less) are encouraged to help organize two events per year. Established members (of greater than one year) are encouraged to help in organizing one event per year.


  1. Dues shall be approved by a two-thirds vote.
  2. The SCC membership fee per person is $20.00 and is also $20.00 for a spouse/mate. Amended 9/09
  3. Honorary members will not have to pay dues.


SCC Social Points:

1. SCC Events: A member will chair or co-chair no more than three social events per year for points. Examples of social events are car wash, outing, bowling party, party, picnic, car show, caravan resulting 100 total miles or more.

            Event Chairman- 20 Points

            Co-Event Chairperson - 20 points

            Committee Member /Worker -15 points

Day of Show Worker- 10 points
Members who have registered (i.e. car show) and  attend the day of event- 5 Points (as described in # 4 below. )
Members who do not register for an event but attend the event- 1 point Amended 2/05

2. Meeting attendance - 10 points.

3. Guest appearance or speaker - 10 points. Member shall receive 10 points only once per year.

4. Event attendance - 5 points.

5. Special assistance to the Club in some internal function - 2 to 10 points depending on degree of act and may only be given once during a season (amount to be determined by Club officers).

Event Chairperson/Co-chairperson: Shall carry out all duty requirements of SCC and be responsible for arrangements and proper execution of the event. The chairperson must present the results to the Vice President and Webmaster and assure that obligations to SCC are met where applicable before credit for the function may be received. All obligations must be met by an Event Chairperson within fifteen (15) days of the event in order to receive points.

  1. The event chairperson/co-chairperson shall carry out all duties required by the SCC. He/she will be responsible for the arrangements and proper execution of the event.
  2. The SCC, if required, will advance a set amount of money to the chairperson to start an event. This set amount will be regulated by the club Treasurer’s budget.
  3. Any event, which involves $350.00 or more, requires both a chairperson and co-chairperson.
  4. The chairperson or his/her representative must report all financial transactions with receipts, monthly to the SCC Treasurer until the conclusion of the event.
  5. If all or part of the proceeds of the event will result in a donation to a charity or charities, the event committee will select them and the division of the Net proceeds. The list of charities and the amounts given to each charity should be reported to the general membership upon the conclusion of the final accounting of each event.


  1. A two-thirds vote shall be required to pass an amendment as long as we meet the quorum requirements of Section III. If the quorum requirements of Section III are not met for the Constitution amendment vote, such vote will be deferred to the next meeting that the quorum requirements of Section III are met.
  2. The first September meeting (beginning in September of 2008) shall include a membership discussion of the Constitution, moderated by the Officers, of proposed changes to the Constitution. The second September meeting shall include: Amended 9/11 

                a) Discussion limited to the President explaining proposed  amendments.

                      b) Voting on proposed amendments or acceptance of the Constitution as it stands in the absence of any proposed amendments.

                      c) In the event that either of the September meetings is cancelled, the discussion meeting and the Constitution amendment vote meeting will be carried over to subsequent meetings.

                      d) Any Constitution amendments passed will become effective January 1 of the following calendar year. Amended 2/08

          3.   Election of officers, modifications of the Constitution will be voted on by a closed ballot.


1. Year End Awards shall consist of the following based upon the Club point system (Article XI)

   a. Social Awards

  • First place male and female (includes free SCC club membership for the following year).
  • Second place male and female.

   b. Competition Awards

  • First place male and female (includes free SCC club membership for following year).
  • Second place male and female.

2. An Awards Committee, appointed by the officers, shall take charge of the Year End Awards. Additional awards not specified in the Constitution may be presented at the discretion of the Awards Committee provided the funding for such awards is in the budget.

* * * * *


Click here to download a copy.